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Amos Peled (born 1997 IL, based in the Netherlands) Is a multidisciplinary artist, exploring the intersections of audio-visual installations, performance art, and experimental music.

Amos finished his studies at the film dep in Thelma Yelin High School in 2017 where he discovered his interest for using audio-visual media. He then continued with his interest in new media at Musrara JLM, where he graduated with honors in 2019, for his project "Head Stone" connecting the brain and virtual reality systems. In 2020 Amos moved to The Hague where he graduated from the MA program in the ArtScience interfaculty at KABK and KC. During his MA studies Amos explored the possibility of using doubt as a method, he wrote his thesis "Shadow of Doubt" on the subject and presented a performance work with the same name as his graduation work. In his works, Amos strives to create defamiliarization that challenges conventional thinking and presents the ordinary in a new and thought-provoking light.

Alongside his personal practice, Amos is an active musician in the experimental music scene, Amos is part of four music groups: THOMIM (Experimental, Noise) World Experience Centre (Tekno, Industrial, Hardcore) KARKAIT (Grindcore, Doom, Black Metal) Thelm Enose (Experimental, Industrial, Noise). His music has been released on various labels and formats, and he organizes events that provide platforms for experimental works.

Currently, Amos is developing "PHANTOM LIMB" which uses a medical ultrasound machine as an audio visual instrument.

2023                 Residency, Artists development week, TETEM, Enschede 

                        Residency, Production Residency,iii, The Hague 

                        Performance, Phantom Limb, Proximity Music: Visceral Acts, REWIRE festival, The Hague 

 2022                Sound design and Aching, Tolaim, HAZIRA, The Autumn cult festival, JLM

                        Performance, THOMIMHAZIRA, The Autumn cult festival, JLM

                        Performance, Karkait, HAZIRA, The Autumn cult festival, JLM

                        Performance, The animal whose ear it is, Crucible, BlackBrick, Enschede 

                        Performance, Tselem Enosh, Melkwegstraat, The Hague

                        Performance, Ultra-Sonic-Face, Traversing Bodies, Het HEM Art center, Zaandam

                        Video installation, Prognosis,  ArtScience: Forms of symbiosis, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

                        Online work w\ Daniel Treystman, S++ , ZERO|1NE, Online

                        Performance, WEC,  traumgarten x Future Intel [LIVE STREAM] The Hague

                        Performance, WEC, De Zandtuin Must Go Market, Rotterdam

                        Performance, WEC, traumgarten x Garage Noord,  Amsterdam

                        Performance, WEC, The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague

                        Performance, WEC, Melkwegstraat, The Hague

                        Performance, WEC, Chronic Now, The Grey Space in the Middle, The Hague

                        Performance, WEC, BIG MONEY, Pip - Main Stage, The Hague

                        Performance, Ultra-Sonic-Face , No Patent Pending #43, Gaudemaus, Utrecht


                        THOMIM eu tour w/ Liza Kuzyakova

                        BRELIN, LOOPHOLE @horizontkollektiv

                        BRELIN, LA BRLIN @horizontkollektiv 
                        TRAUMBURG, @traumburg @traumburg festival WEC w/ {Thomim}
                        TRAUMBURG, @traumburg festival, Tselem Enosh w/ {Thomim} 
                        CZECH REPUBLIC, Bučení 4 festival
                        RIGA, Aleponija
                        RIGA, 1983 WEC w {Thomim} 
                        COPENHAGEN, støberiet, Supernoise
                        COPENHAGEN, mayhem, Supernoise 
                        ENSCHEDE, @blackbrick.underground 


2021                 Workshop, Hebrew University, "New approach for unity 2D", Online
                        Residency, Poly-ability ,CLOUD Danslab, The hague
                        Performance, zone2source, Amsterdam
                        Performance, thomim, studio straus, JLM
                        Performance, thomim, zimmer, TLV
                        Performance, thomim - AIN THAT AIN, Shenkar, Ramat Gan
                        Group exhibition, "I hate it, where's the after party", Barbur Gallery, JLM
                        Online work w\ Daniel Treystman, S++ ,Screen Dive, Gaudemaus, Utrecht                               


2020                 Performance, Acre Theater Festival, Acre
                        Residency, Ongoing Art Center, Tokyo
                        Short film, filming and editing  Finding Amir, Ars Electronica, Online
                        Karkait, Zimmer, TLV
                        Karkait, Beit Alpha, day show, TLV
                        Karkait, Teder, TLV
                        Karkait, Pundakk, JLM

2019                 Performances, HaKasetta, JLM
                        Exhibition, Kuli Alma, TLV
                        Interactive video game, Inner Vortex ,Audiovisual Festival, Corfu
                        Residency, Art B and B, Barbur Gallery, JLM
                        Performances, Pergamonn, JLM
                        Performance, Rasis, Alphabet, TLV
                        Karkait, Zimmer, TLV
                        Karkait, DoubleB, Haifa
                        Karkait, Yellow Submarine, JLM
                        Karkait, LieBurnMan Festival, JLM
                        Karkait, Mizkaka, JLM
                        Karkait, Musrara Mix, JLM
                        Karkait, Beit Alpha, TLV
                        Karkait, Levontin, Release show, TLV 
                        Karkait, Pergamon, JLM
                        Karkait, Zikuk Festival, JLM
                        Karkait, Mizkaka Collab Show w\Altaratz, Avizohar, JLM

                        Nervous(Ger) and Karkait Tour Aug-Sep 
                        ADA, Warsaw(Pl)
                        Nesterka, Grodno(Bel) 
                        Minsk (Bel)
                        Garage Brest(Bel)
                        Warsztat, Krakow(Pl)
                        Bajkazyl, Berno (CZ)
                        Schlo, R, Wien (Aus)
                        Kafe KuKt, Munich(Ger)
                        Atari, Leipzig (Ger)
                        Treixxxxxxter, Berlin (Ger)
                        Rote Flora, Hamburg (Ger) 


2018                 Video installation, Zik Studio, JLM
                        Exhibition of virtual reality, Musrara Mix, JLM
                        Performance, Multiversal Festival, JLM
                        Workshop, Oscillograph making, Musrara, JLM
                        Performance, Tmuna, Techtonics Festival, TLV
                        Performance and residency, HaHanut, TLV
                        Karkait, UNI:TEMP, JLM
                        Karkait, Zimmer, TLV
                        Karkait, DoubleB, Haifa
                        Karkait, Dysentreia, Haifa
                        Karkait, studio Straus showcase at Sublet, JLM
                        Karkait, Mizkaka, JLM
                        Karkait, Mizkaka show w\WACKELKONTAKT, JLM

2017                 Performance, Digital Art Center, Holon
                        Performance,straus take over, Teder, TLV
                        Exhibition, LoopHole, Berlin

2016                Performance, HaMifal, JLM
                       Performance, Garbizki, Kibbutz Givat Brener
2017-18          Video art and performance, Musrara Mix, JLM
2017-19          Performances and video installations, Strauss studio, JLM

2014-2018      Performances, Tape Festival + Audio visual Festival , Zimmer, TLV



2012 - 16 Film Dept., Thelma Yellin High School, Givatayim

2016-19 Diploma, New Media Dept., Musrara School - The Mayor of Jerusalem Prize for the best final exhibition.

2020-22 MA ArtScience interfacility the royal academy of the Hague (KABK) and the royal conservatory (KC) 

Work Experience

Co-curator K R A H, The Hague, Event series for the experimental minds
Code and interaction, ‘Matt Transparent’ film VR, Haifa Film Festival

Sound recording, Mekudeshet Music Festival, Jerusalem

Trainee, Mars, virtual reality and user experience. 

Sound technician Pergamon Club.

Light technician at Mizkaka Club.

Curator, music and performance events, ‡studio straus‡ + Zimmer TLV.

Devlopment of web based 3d interactive work, by Avita Maheen, Embryonic Babies of Hot Winters, Escapism , Oyoun, Berlin                          

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