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(2022-On going)

Multi-disciplinary, theater.

Ariel Sereni Brown, Amos and Yoel Peled, Maarten Keus and Or Rimer.

The audience sits inside the tent and looks out from it. It is sealed and closed on all sides, creating darkness within it, while the front frame is open serving as a window to the outside. us, the Black Tent frames reality, while at the same time, it is also subject to the forces that the modern institutions have disconnected from: day, sunset, night, weather, curious passers-by, or the sounds of cars, machines, and howling jackals. 


But as the tent strives to get closer to the real, to break the institutional theater walls and look at life itself as it is, it also seeks to intensify the poetic and the theatrical revealed within the new framed world - it's very festive placement as part of the local fabric. In practice, the tent is a traveling performance whose goal is to reach and present in urban and rural areas, from the suburbs of the city to the edge of society and nature.


All the relevant info about the work can be found in the PDF attached, anyhow we find it important to note that so far this project has been self-funded, and the hereby shown materials are the outcome of a two-week residency at Studio Saint Remi, France. At the moment we are looking for a partner that recognizes the potential of this project and will help us to finalize and showcase it.

THIS PROJECT IS CURRENTLY SELF-FUNDED, we are open to collaborations.

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Trailer of the work

Documentation of The Black Tent at Studio Saint Remi

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