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Thomim is a conction of the word twin and abyss in Hebrew. Thomim is an industrial noise power electronics performance base project by Yoel and Amos Peled the project started in 2015 and has since experienced many incarnations. Thomim has performed over Europe and in any corner in Israel. they are both highly active in the local and global art scene, with a resume of exhibitions, performances, and residency programs around the world.

Their music  preformsens takes many shape. They have no songs, everything in telepathy. Each performance reveals a new experience. Whether it's bringing a huge piece of mtael into space and playing only on it, or finding a snail near the venue and telling its story, whether it's hiding inside a huge wooden box cut off from the environment and whether it's translating the brain waves and electrical activity of the heart into noise. Whether it’s getting into that garbage bag and moving in an infinite circular motion throughout the show.



THOMIM eu tour w/ Liza Kuzyakova


TRAUMBURG, WEC w/ {Thomim}
CZECH REPUBLIC, Bučení 4 festival
RIGA, Aleponija
RIGA, 1983 WEC w {Thomim} 
COPENHAGEN, støberiet, Supernoise
COPENHAGEN, mayhem, Supernoise 
ENSCHEDE, @blackbrick.underground

Performance, HAZIRA, The Autumn cult festival, JLM


Performance, studio straus, JLM

Performance, zimmer, TLV

Performance, AIN THAT AIN, Shenkar galry, Ramat Gan

Performance, HaKasetta, JLM



Performance, Acre Theater Festival, Acre

Performances, HaKasetta, JLM

Performances, Pundakk, JLM

Performance, studio straus, JLM

Performance, zimmer, TLV

Performances, Tape Festival, Zimmer, TLV

Performances, Audio visual Festival, Zimmer, TLV

Performances, Pergamon, JLM



Performance, LieBurnMan Festival, JLM

Performance, studio Straus showcase at Sublet, JLM

Performances, Audio visual Festival, Zimmer, TLV

Performances, DoubleB, Haifa

Performances, Pergamon, JLM

Performance, zimmer, TLV

Performance, Garbizki, Kibbutz Givat Brener

Video art and performance, Musrara Mix, JLM

Performance, Teder, TLV



Performance, Multiversal Festival, Switzerland

Performance, Underdog, purge, Czech Republic

Performance, sniper, Berlin , Germany

Performance, LoopHole, Berlin, Germany

Performance, HaKasetta, JLM

Performance, Levontin, TLV


 Studio Straus

full performance 2021 


Amos Peled based in The Hague currently completing his master's degree in artScience(KABK and KC) researching and practicing creation of a shadow of doubt throw self billed ultrasonic speaker and knocking doors in order to create alienation of reality.

Yoel Peled based in Jerusalem is currently in his third year of advanced art studies. dealing with the fine line between three-dimensional modeling and reality and three-sensory appeal to the origins of the known world.

The twins are active members of the collective studio Straus JLM and the Zimmer TLV  self-employed non-profit venue that allow a stage and a home for experimental music and underground art in Israel.

Amos and Yoel Peled are long working together in many fields they create - computer games, sound works, 3D animation, theater, audio books, text and more.

ReRebirthing/The Hygiene Museum

Acre Theater Festival

 a piece by Wackelkontakt

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