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​Karkait (from Hebrew: Bottom Ground) is a Jerusalem-based guitar/ drums/vocals trio that focuses on extreme forms of musical expression. Broken rhythms scorched sound, screams-cries and whispers-sighs: the trio creates a chaotic world of dissatisfaction, dissonance, uncertainty and existential angst - extreme music that does not fall into sub-genre definitions. Karakit was formed in 2017, and since then has been highly active in the art, metal and experimental scenes in Israel and Europe, collaborating with various artists. The trio draws inspiration from a wide range of music: Morbid Angel, Morton Feldman, This Heat, Naked City, Pig Destroyer, Fugazi, and Current 93, to name a few.




Yekum // Kiyum


Amos Peled - Voices

Ron Sheskin - Guitar, Voices

Daniel Treystman - Drums

Karkait Ha'Kiyum // קרקעית הקיום
Metsulak // מצולק
Tsmeim L'ein-Soph // צמאים לאין-סוף
Ein // אין
Shum Achiza // שום אחיזה
Karkait Ha'Yekum // קרקעית היקום


Recorded and Mixed by Aviv Gozlan at Pluto Studios, Fall 2018 Mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound Design by Karkait and Roy Siegel

Logo By Yuval Frisch

Photos by An Simin





recorded at Mazkeka Studios by Excessive Productions, Summer 2019 | mixed and mastered by Jack Shirly at The Atomic Garden Studios | additional vocals in Bein Adam LeKever by Tomer Damsky | design by Karkait and Roy Siegel | logo by Yuval Frisch | photos by Tomer Feigin 

Amos Peled - Voice
Ron Sheskin - Guitar, Voice
Daniel Treystman - Drums

Kol Eivar // כל איבר
Bein Adam LeKever // בין אדם לקבר
Hod Ve'Hadar // הוד והדר
Tlat-Melet // תלת-מלט

Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 18.27.27.png

Shum Achiza (Toma Sin Remix) 

Karkait Ha'Yekum (Avizohar Remix) 

Ein (Itamar Shlomo Cohen Remix)

Karkait Ha'Kiyum (Yogev Freilichman Remix) 

Tsmeim L'ein-Soph (Ariel Altaratz Remix) 

We asked a few of our favourite local artists, friends and collaborators to deform and reconstruct our debut release.

released July 3, 2020

Tracks 1-3 Mastered at "6" Studios, Musrara, Jerusalem, Track 4 Mastered by Dominic Clare at "Declared Sound" Studios
Artwork by Eyal Lally Bitton


​Karkait first launched its live performances with a three-day tour in Israel along with Muede, a screamo/ dark hardcore band from Hamburg. The tour started in Ron’s (guitar) studio in Jerusalem, continued with a Tel Aviv show at the Zimmer venue, and finished in Haifa with the local shoegaze band Double Jackal.  A few months after earning more stage experience, tightening the set with more songs, and developing their unique sound, Karkait got their first invitation to participate in a collaboration show with their good friends: Wackelkontakt, AKA The Excessive Productions Collective. WACKELKONTAKT is an ever-changing performance group of an extreme dynamic range inspired by Industrial, Club, Hip-hop, Noise, Post-Orientalism, and Elevator Music. They are a leading voice in the Israeli underground scene and have always been a huge inspiration for the Karkait crew. That collaborative live performance was a turning point in Karakit’s search for new artistic opportunities. On April 2019, Karkait released their 10-minute debut album, “Yekum Kiyum”, which was released via Orgasmatron Records on a cassette tape. The album has been warmly welcomed throughout the Israeli Hardcore and Metal scenes. 

On May 2019, Karkait participated in the first Jerusalem festival: LieBurnMan, led by the crew of the local Studio Straus. They gathered people from all around the country who could appreciate many types of heavy and extreme music, for a two-day trip filled with a diverse range of local acts together with international artists such as Dave Phillips and Oren Ambarchi. 

Karkait went on their first European tour on September 19’, with Berlin’s finest - Nervöus. Nervöus is a Hardcore/ Screamo band with an extensive touring experience.  In December 2019, Karkait curated two events sponsored by an open call for cultural events in Jerusalem. The first event consisted of a collaborative special show of Karkait and local experimental scene titans Ariel Altaratz and Itzik Avizohar. Karkait rearranged its material, deconstructing it, and sometimes destroying it with digital goofiness. The new group explored together unknown compositional possibilities. Powered by radical changes, blistering noise, and peaceful ambiance.

 The second event was an art exhibition curated by Karkait which included sculptures, video installations, paintings, and printings of many of Jerusalem’s artists and designers. The exhibition sought to draw attention to the aesthetics of clarity of death and the fogginess of life. Both of the events occurred at the Jerusalem house of music - ‘Mazkeka’, which is a venue known for its eclectic approach.



4.4 UNI:TEMP ,JLM w/Muede                                        

5.4 Zimmer, TLV w/Muede

6.4 DoubleB, Haifa w/Muede

8.6 Dysenteria, Haifa

22.6 Zimmer, TLV


7.8 Studio Straus showcase at Sublet, JLM

22.9 FestiKasach, JLM

29.9 Blaze Bar, JLM

4.10 Talpiot, JLM 

10.11 Zimmer, TLV 

15.11 Studio Straus, JLM

20.11 Mazkeka, JLM

28.11 Mazkeka, JLM, Collab show w/WACKELKONTAKT





8.3 Zimmer, TLV

18.4 DoubleB, Haifa


4.5 LieBurnMan Festival, JLM

14.5 Mazkeka, JLM

30.5 Musrara Mix Festival, JLM

31.5 Beit Alpha, TLV 

20.7 Levontin, TLV Release show

14.8 Pergamon, JLM

28.9 UNI:TEMP, JLM w/ Decultivate, Ostra Torn

8.11 Zikuk Festival, JLM

30.11 Mazkeka, JLM Collab Show w/ Altaratz, Avizohar

28.12 Mazkeka, JLM Art exhibition curated by Karkait 

Nervous(Ger) and Karkait Tour Aug-Sep 19’ 


29.8 ADA, Warsaw (Pl) 

30.8 Nesterka, Grodno (Bel)

31.8 Minsk (Bel)

1.9 Garage, Brest (Bel)

3.9 Warsztat, Krakow (Pl)

4.9 Bajkazyl, Brno (CZ)

5.9 Schlo. R, Wien (Aus)

6.9 Kafe Kult, Munich (Ger)

7.9 Atari, Leipzig (Ger) 

8.9 Trixxxxxxterr, Berlin (Ger)

10.9 - Rote Flora, Hamburg (Ger)




30.1 Zimmer, TLV

22.2 Beit Alpha, TLV day show

22.2 Teder, TLV night show  

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