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i++ /  v++ / z++ / s++ is an ever-evolving cross-platform A/V installation, which is based on a research of phasing and polyrhythm phenomena by Daniel Trejs and Amos Peled.

The virtual work version was presented on Screen Dive (NL) Zero One festival(IL) and emergent behavior(IL). The work uses as a driving force a set of 15 pendulums. A pendulum is a repetitive movement of a heavy object attached to a string. When the pendulum is being pushed or released, it starts to swing in what is known also as a sinusoidal movement.  Each pendulum has a different string length, which determines its rate of oscillation.

Having 15 different pendulums creates a complex rhythmical system, which is then being transformed and translated into an audio and visual presentation.  When each pendulum is crossing its middle point  (also known as “zero-crossing”) a trigger is produced, causing a flash of sound and light.  Each pendulum is being assigned to one (virtual) display, resulting in an immersive light and sound composition. In the presented iteration, the work spills out of its physical boundaries and into the digital realm. The user goes through a journey of space, sound and light, where the line between forced reality and control is fragile.

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